...a wonderful time to capture memories indeed!  

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Nice things people have to say

Newborn on dad's shoulder (c)Tesiabeamphotography.com

"You have found your calling in life. You are very good at what you do." 

"You bring great timeless value to families"



sweet couple in the sun (c)Tesiabeamphotography.com

"We sat down and looked at your beautiful photos. Can I just say WOW!!!"

...and then later with her canvases

"Ok, so I just got home and opened up the box. I love them! Oh my! I love them, they will look great in the baby room on the shelf. So happy! Thank you :) Can't wait for you to take family pics of us!"

Precious maternity (c)Tesiabeamphotography.com

"Oh my goodness!! They all look amazing! You did such a wonderful job!! I typically don't like pictures of myself, but I love these!!! A million times, thank you!! ... Thank you for giving me this wonderful memory to look back on and someday share with my daughter :) It means the world to me!"


Black and white headshot out take (c)Tesiabeamphotography.com

"You are so sweet! And so talented! I have no idea how you got me to relax so much. You are officially my photographer for all future pictures of me! ... You are a genius!"