Artist statement

My goal, as your photographer, is to capture the moments of true spirit – the look your son gets when he’s planning his next move, the sparkle in your daughter’s eyes when she’s truly delighted, the glance you share with your spouse when you speak without words.  I want to freeze time for you – contain those moments of stillness that might otherwise look like a blur of activity and life.  I know as much as the next person – life moves too fast!  We are in constant motion – so I’m here to offer you a sense of stillness in the form of timeless art to enjoy on your walls. A reminder that you can find those treasured moments even in the midst of the blur that is your daily life.

I am located in Marin County, CA.  I like to do outdoor shoots if at all possible, so we’ll work together to choose the perfect location for you.  Then we'll discuss how you plan to use your images so that I can customize your shoot for YOU. After our shoot, I carefully hand-edit every image to create works of art out of your memories.  At our ordering appointment, I will show you how the images will look on your walls and we will create a wall display completely customized to your home. At this time we can also plan albums or design custom holiday cards!  If you  have never had a professional shoot, or if it's been a long time, the idea of it may be daunting. Part of what I love about being a photographer is the opportunity to create art from life.  To me, this means that you don't have to come to me as anything but who you are! I will walk you through each step of the process, and all you have to do is show up (!) ... ok, you do have to think about what to wear, and make some decisions about how you want to treasure your end results, but I love helping with all that stuff, so we'll make it fun!

I look forward to meeting you!

Oh, and I answer to anything close because it's a tough one, but my name is pronounced Tesha (like the "esh" in fresh) !


Some random tidbits about me!

I absolutely love turquoise and brown together.

Boots are, hands-down, my favorite fashion item.

I love flowers - poppies always take my breath away.

Coffee is an absolutely crucial part of my day...several times a day. 

Iron Man is my favorite super hero (...don't judge...I have two little boys!)

I love yoga but haven't found a way to make it a part of my life since my kids were's an ongoing goal to find that space again.

I'm kind of an introvert, but I love connecting with people one on one.

I love having a clean house. It's an uphill battle with my little men, but it brings me great peace to walk into a tidy room!


Nice things people have to say:

"Tesia - You found your calling in life :) you are very good at what you do. Thank you."

“We’re delighted with the pictures, Tesia, thank you! It was wonderful working with you. That is the first time I’ve ever enjoyed having photos taken so much!”

"Thank you so much. You are like the family official historian! We love you!"

"You are so sweet! And so talented! I have no idea how you got me to relax so much. You are officially my photographer for all future pictures of me!  Actually when I come back I would love to set up another shoot. You are a genius! :)"

“Thank you so so much, you did a wonderful job.  I could not be happier.  I’ll be asking for more shoots in the near future.”

“I’m blown away.  You can be sure we will call you again!”

"I seriously can not thank you enough. Every person's personality came through. I can't decide which ones we like the most because they are all so awesome!!!!"

"I can't wait to have my halls framed with your art...what great moments you captured." 

“You capture a lot more than just the image.  Not only is the image there, but the personality and story are also shining through.”

"Your photos on are on the banner going across the homepage...which is my all time favorite photo of her, ever!!

"Just reframed and reposted photos Tesia took for me years ago. They are STILL (9 years later) my favorite photos of my son. Time for another photo shoot with our FAVORITE photographer!!!!"


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