Children & Family Sessions - The Experience

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I consider myself a "lifestyle portrait photographer" - to me this means that the primary goal of any family or child-focused session is to capture as much true spirit as I possibly can.  Because we're also going for portraits, we'll do some set up in terms of positioning for family members etc.  I will ask all of you to gather in a specific spot - I'll do some basic arranging - and then we'll take the basic "everyone's looking at the camera" pictures. Sometimes, those are gems! Sometimes, the frame after you stopped "posing" is the keeper.  I don't like spending a lot of time making your kid sit in one place though. I'd much rather follow him/her around and snap shots as they explore - capture moments of interaction between family members - snag the shots that weren't originally planned.  I think that 90% of the time, when I look back over my images from a family session, the favorites are the ones where, after shooting it, I said to myself "phew, I'm SO glad I had my camera ready for that one!" This is all to say that I like to keep it light, make sure the kids are having fun, and make sure that no one feels anxious about "not being good in front of the camera." So parents please - don't feel like you have to keep your kids from being kids for our session, don't tell them to smile for me (I'll find ways to make it happen), and prepare to melt when you see your precious little ones (or kind of little) captured in their true form.  Also, a quick side note - a family session doesn't require that you have human children - I'm all for shooting couples with their fur-babies as well, so don't let all this kid-talk scare you away! :) I'm not a "pet photographer" but if you can get them to hang out with you, I'll snap the family shots! 

When you contact me to schedule a session we will discuss what you are looking for in your session. If you want to focus on your children, the entire family, or a little bit of both.  We will talk about where you want to shoot - I have lots of ideas, but I'm always open to suggestions and if there is a place that is dear to your family it will be all the better! I find that mornings are usually best for kids, but late afternoon light is wonderful, so we can discuss everything and come up with the best plan for all! We will also schedule your ordering appointment for about 2 weeks after our session. This is my first year doing in-person ordering, but I've found that after several years of presenting the images online, many families get busy in the madness of life and never get their images printed and on their walls. I've heard too many people lament that they are dying to see their pictures on the wall, but just haven't managed to "figure it all out".  I want to make it easier for you to get from start to finish, and I am confident that "seizing the moment" is the way to get it done!

I encourage you to spend some time thinking about how you want to use your images when we are done.  Do you want a canvas or two for your walls? Smaller framed images? Prints to share with family. Or maybe a book or a card or announcement with a collection of images.  It helps me in our shoot and in my post-processing to keep these details in mind so this is something that I'll discuss with you before our shoot as well. 

Children & Family Sessions - The Investment

Session Fee - $250

This includes:

  • Pre-Session Consultation where we will discuss your unique vision for your portrait session (don't worry if you don't know what you want - I will ask you questions so we can figure it out together!) and the ways in which your images will become artwork for your home and for friends and family.  This will help me tailor your session to create images and collections that you will love!
  • Usually these sessions run about an hour.  Unless I've informed you beforehand, I will not be "punching the clock" though. If you are holding up and we want to take a few more shots, I'm happy to keep going! But I find that usually, after about an hour, things begin to naturally wrap up.
  • After the session I will hand-process the top images - approximately 20
  • I will post an online gallery for your review and we will discuss the best way for you to cherish your favorite images!

Please contact me for further information about my print pricing. 

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